Justri - beautiful and talent girl dj from Eastern Europe. Justri start she's cariere in music capital of Ukraine - historical city Kharkov. She's unique look at music industry and perfect music feeling bring Ukrainian EDM scene to new highest level. Many DJ's music experts and magazines, praised her style as the most innovative in the EDM. Girl, who feel everyone on the dance floor and playing absolutely smashing, bouncing and powerful music. She's passion to EDM & House make every dance floor go to madness. Last year she go to conquer Asia. Had a great tour of the best cities of China and was playing at the best parties in a biggest club's. Young and talent, she keep her passion to powerfull rhythm's and day by day growing up.

Founder of monthly mix show "United Vibes". This mixtape contains her vision to the music industry and big part of soul, to bring union for all people in the world. Looking to forward she know what people need, guide them and make happy.



Justri - iShow Club
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Justi - Eleven eleven party
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JUSTRI, OM Club (aftermovie)
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JUSTRI, Cago Club, Chengdu 2017, LIVE
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JUSTRI, Space Music Festival (Live)
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JUSTRI, Taiyuan City, Muse Club (LIVE) 2018
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